5 reasons why shoes are amazing!


Es gibt viele Frauen die sie lieben: Schuhe!

Carrie Bradshaw did show us how a real wadrobe for shoes has to look like and we got caught by this amazing world of leather. (Yes, I know there are many shoes not made out of leather, but it just sounded the best!)

Number 1

Shoes do not care if you gained weight – your feed don’t really change their sizes. As Miranda Hobbs already said: “Shoes are always reliable!” they do not laugh about you as your skinny jeans do as soon as you ate too much chocolate. Your shoes will always fit.

Number 2

A great looking pair of shoes is able to pimp your whole outfit. Boring jeans and a cheap shirt can look so much better as soon as you are wearing a pair of amazing shoes! Suddenly the look seems to include designer clothes rather than your new top from H&M or even Waltmart. It just seems like you really thought about your outfit and didn’t not just take the last more or less clean shirt out of your wardrobe.

Number 3

Shoes get better when you wear them. Of course this is just a fact until a certain point, but the most comfortable shoes will always be the ones you wear every day. The leather and the sole just really shaped perfect around your feed. Isn’t this feeling amazing? It is different with your favorite shirt which gets less shiny with every washing.

Number 4

Shoes trends always repeat. Some of you might think this happens with all fashion trends, but if you take a close look you will realise most trends are a little different coming back. The used jeans was 2005 just a little ripped, while it is really destroyed this season, you can even see whole knees and legs. It is a different thing with shoes, these trends really come back.

Number 5

And the last reason why it is totally ok to have a lot of shoes: Womens shoes do not have to be comfortable. I own some pairs I can just call my sitting shoes, because I am not able to walk in them more than 100 meters. It just was a bad buy, but they do look really nice! This of course is an extreme example, but: Every woman needs the perfect pair of shoes for every occasion. A visit at a elegant restaurant where you are mainly sitting calls for another kind of shoes than a wild party night does.

What are your best excuses for buying more pair of shoes? Leave me a comment! 🙂

Peter Kaiser Schuhe



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