5 reasons why shoes are amazing!

Es gibt viele Frauen die sie lieben: Schuhe! Carrie Bradshaw did show us how a real wadrobe for shoes has to look like and we got caught by this amazing world of leather. (Yes, I know there are many shoes not made out of leather, but it just sounded the best!) Number 1 Shoes do not care if you gained weight - your feed ...


Photography Tipps for Fashion Blogger

It is generally known that humans do like visuals more than anything else. They are just more interested in pictures than in words. That means, photos are the fashion blogs heart and sould. The ones being too dark or not sharp enough don't make a good impression towards the readers of that blog. Most of the time these ...


A Bloggers Life

Who just thinks about beautiful people with a huge wardrobe, posing in front of a camera and drinking Starbucks coffee all day long when hearing the word fashion blogger is totally wrong. A fashion blogger has more than one job, but many . Not just model, but also photographer, web designer, SEO agent, social media manager, ...


I’m good enough for myself

It has been a while since my last post. To be honest it has been a while since I wrote anything except notes for my exams. After my exam week I was in a rush to finish all the things which had to be done until my flight out of Germany. Now it is my third day in Auckland and I sit here in my stinky student apartment room ...