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There are many different reasons why to renew your apartments look. Either you just moved in or you just can’t stand your old decoration and interior any longer. Sometimes it is just time to change something and it does’t even take much to do so. The bigger problem is most of the time that there is no inspiration.

To get some great ideas how to change your home into a stylish and cosy “I-love-to-be-here” place, I listed my top inspiration websites for you!



Ok, Pinterest is probably the most known website for inspiration imaginable. You can find everything from food, to outfits and of course interior ideas. My sleeping room needs a make over as you can see. Pinterest really gives you great possibilities how to save your inspiration pictures as you can build your own pin walls to never forget anything anymore.



Stylefruits is something totally different to Pinterest, but to be honest this website is worth a look as the home style area is sometimes pretty interesting. Users are able to build their own rooms with different furniture – the outcome is pretty far away from the reality, but it is a great possibility to check on different furniture and color.  Another great plus is that you can buy every used furniture right away as the links towards the shops are always provided.

House and Garden


The British website www.houseandgarden.co.uk featured several articles about interior inspiration. A little British charme! It is a great website to style your home a little different than the usual – but of course cozy and “lovely”.



Impressionen is mainly an online shop, BUT between the different products you will always find pictures of great interior styles. (You will find these in the Impressionen magazine as well.) – These styles are always great to find new ideas.
My tipp: The Impressionen shop is pretty expensive so just try to find alternative shops or especially second hand shops and give it a little new paint.



The website Designspiration may look quite similar to Pinterest on first sight, it is just a little cleaner which means you just have the pictures without any text. Clicking on these you get a close up and the source of the picture.
Special is that you are able to sort everything color wise. You can choose up to five different colors to see all different kinds of design in you chosen color. This plattform really helps in the case you already have an color concept in you head but don’t really know how to realize it.


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  1. Raumideen says:

    Hallo liebe Charlotte,

    vielen Dank für die Nennung und die netten Worte über unseren Blog.

    Die Zusammenstellung gefällt uns wirklich sehr gut und wir freuen uns riesig, dass neben “Schwergewichten” wie Pinterest oder Stylefruits auch kleinere Blogs und Webmagazine erwähnt werden.

    Wir hoffen, dass wir interessierte Besucher auch entsprechend inspirieren und begeistern können.

    Dir noch weiterhin viel Erfolg mit deinem Blog.

    Liebe Grüße aus Aachen
    das Raumideen Team

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