I’m good enough for myself


It has been a while since my last post. To be honest it has been a while since I wrote anything except notes for my exams. After my exam week I was in a rush to finish all the things which had to be done until my flight out of Germany. Now it is my third day in Auckland and I sit here in my stinky student apartment room and finally found a little time to work on a post again.

Whoever does read my blog reguarly knows that I traveled to New Zealand for my semester abroad and left my friends, family and my boyfriend at home to find myself alone in this adventure. When you arrive somewhere alone often there is one question coming up in your mind: What do people think of me? Thats the topic of todays post, self-expression, self-awareness.


Self-awareness often gets confused with self-confidence and is used to describe a person who is kind of brave and extroverted. But you rather have to split this word into its two parts: Self and awareness. The awareness of myself. That just means, to know your weaknesses and your strenghts. To be aware of what you like and don’t like. Take a minute and think about it, are you aware of yourself?

How often do we get judged or do we judge ourselfes? Even if we know, that a person who likes himself is much more attractive than one who doesn’t. But it is difficult to do so. I don’t like the situation to be around strangers, I start to overthink all my actions. Is it strange when I take another cookie? Or is it strange when I do not eat anything? Do they think I am anorexic when I don’t? Is it right to laugh at this moment? Should I help her or shouldn’t I? So many thoughts, such a waste of time. In the end we want to be liked for who we are, don’t we? Where does it take us to pretend to be somebody else?

“I am good enough for myself” isn’t supossed to say that I want to be alone and do not need my friends. It’s rather meant to tell you to be yourself and that your own personality is already good enough to wake the interest of other people. We don’t have to be someone else to be liked. Everyone is special in their own way. Sometimes there will be people you don’t like and they don’t like you. We all know that feeling. But it is important to accept that fact: You do not have to like everybody and you do not have to be loved by everyone. Sometimes it is already enough to find one person which makes you happy. One person that is perfect for you. It can be so much more satisfying to be loved by one special person than to call a group of people who don’t even really know you friends.

When you are the same opinion as I am, share your story or just a picture which shows who you really are or just a thought with the Hashtag #Iamgoodenoughformyself on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Let us bring more people in that position to be honest with themselfs and be happy!


2 responses to “I’m good enough for myself”

  1. Hermine says:

    Hey!! Soll ich dir mal was sagen ? Du schreibst extrem gut 😉 Also wirklich. Es macht richtig viel Spaß deine Texte zu lesen und du schaffst es immer wieder einen zum nachdenken zu bringen.
    lg Hermine

    • Verlottert says:

      Hey liebe Hermine! Vielen Dank für deine lieben Worte! Genau das möchte ich doch erreichen. Es freut mich, dass du so denkst! Viel Spaß beim Nachdenken 😉

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